Is the iPhone 5 going to be waterproof?


Earlier this month, we wrote about a company named Liquipel who is offering to waterproof your iPhone with a new nano coating technology. However, it looks like they're not the only ones with the new technology. A company named HZO is not only offering a similar coating technology called "waterblock," but is also said to be in talks with Apple to bring this new technology to idevices and other Apple products.


Apple has been rumored to be interested in water repellent technology for their products many times in the past. Pocket-lint, who talked to a HZO representitive, reports: 

“We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn’t believe his eyes,” a representative of the company told us. “Samsung is really excited by the tech.” The company has told us that they are talking to Apple as well, hoping to be able to let Apple make the iPhone 5 waterproof. “We expect HZO to be in next season’s phones,” HZO told Pocket-lint rather confidently.”

HZO assures us that their technology is completely safe and is made from organic materials. The company also confirmed that the coating does not change the weight or appearence of the phone in any way.

We're definitely hoping that Apple is on board with HZO to bring a waterproof iPhone 5. We'll keep you posted as we hear more info.

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