iOS 7 security bug found unlock a device without a password

iOS 7 beta was released the day of WWDC 2013 allowing developers access to the upcoming iOS release projected in the fall. We have seen our fair share of bugs in iOS 6, but now we are starting to see more problems even in iOS 7. Thanks to a user in the Forums, there was a discovery captured on video exposing the security flaws. 

The videos show a series of ways to unlock a device without the need of a password. The device used is an iPhone 4S running iOS 7.


To start the unlock process, go the calculator or clock app, then open the camera app and choose a picture to assign to a contact. Another way to gain access is through the clock app. Take a look at the videos and see for yourself.

While this iOS 7 is still in beta, we surely want to see Apple tighten up these bugs. We suggest regular (not developers) users not to use iOS 7 beta as a daily driver. The beta release is only meant to be for developers and testing purposes. 

What are your thoughts on the bugs? Has anyone else discovered any other flaws? Head over to the forums for discussion! 

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